AppSmashing and Paper by FiftyThree


I’m currently working on a presentation for my doctoral class. I have to research and then explain in a presentation how technology influences education. As I was researching, I reviewed some great apps like iAnnotate, Post-Its Plus, Nearpod, and Kahoot. These are not new to me, but as I sat here playing with the new features of Paper by FiftyThree, I put together some pretty cool app smashing.

Check out my design.


Think about it. If you start your students with a topic, and give them access to the “Post-It Plus” app, they can brainstorm and preview. Direct instruction or asynchronous instruction can be used through “NearPod.” Once the HW has been handed in, or the students need to edit their or someone else’s work, they can swipe over to “iAnnotate” for some feedback before the big review with “Kahoot.” The possibilities are endless when you begin to #AppSmash.

Finally, the design itself was drawn by me in Paper by FiftyThree which is an incredible tool for just about anything.