Social Society? I don’t think so.

This is my attempt at another blog. I’d like to discuss technologies’ effect on education today. I know you’re reading this saying, “oh no, not another one.” Hopefully, it won’t be the same old same old…

I look around as I drive and see so many anti-social teens and adults on phones, not paying any attention to things around them. I recently drove through town and saw three teens on a bench. Each one was on his phone and not even looking at anything but the phone. What does this mean for our social society? I hear constantly that we are the most social society with all of our tweets and social media, etc. We invite anyone into our personal lives.

But are we really? I beg to differ. Go to a restaurant. What do you see? Parents at the table with kids on phones. I’m not saying technology is bad. Quite the contrary. I love technology. I live it too. But how much is too much. I find myself on my iPad instead of at my pool. No wonder we are all overweight. I believe we need to teach our children to be selective. I watch my two kids. They would be happy to play on my phone or iPad or wii if I would let them; when I don’t, their imaginations run wild. Technology has its place, just not all the time.
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.