Time is of the essence

We all complain about not having enough time. I know I do. Think though…what will happen truly if we don’t get something done? It will have to wait until tomorrow. Teachers don’t put things off very well.

That’s why technology has really helped me. I CAN put off today what I can’t get to right now. If I want to read something, but I don’t have time, I push it to an app that allows me to do just that. Wait until both kids have gone to bed to read an educational article; wait until I’ve finished dinner and cleared the table. Technology will archive my info until a time that works for me. I think that’s wonderful.

I use RSS feeds to funnel my most important info and any research that I’m doing. Again, time saver. The RSS will find my info as long as I give it definition. All I need is something like google reader.

Twitter is another time-saver for me. I follow my “smart people” PLN. I read when I can; I put it off until that time is allowable. I only have to check out 140 characters which is amazing. No more verbose individuals droning on and on. I don’t have to click “more” to keep reading. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Now, what can I invent that allows me to put off dinner?